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Saddling Up Since 1966!

The Central California Cutting Club was established in 1966 to provide an organization to promote the sport of cutting. Known as The CCCC (Four C’s) the club serves as an information center for its members and the general public on matters pertaining to shows and projects designed to improve cutting and aid the industry. CCCC cuttings give breeders, trainers, and exhibitors the opportunity to compete for awards, and enable the public to see the athletic ability of the cutting horse. Membership in CCCC is available to all persons who apply for membership, subscribe to the objectives of the Central California Cutting Club, and agree to abide by its rules and regulations. 

2023/2024 Board Members 

President              Brian Gruenig         209-604-5139

Vice-President     Ryan Denier           

Treasurer              Marybeth Thompson      661-444-7824      

Club Secretary     Marybeth Thompson


Board Members:  

                              Brian Gruenig         209-604-5139

                              Ryan Denier     

                              Marybeth Brown

                              Tawny Stoudt

                              Hugh Swift

                              Angela Blodget (Sponsorship Co-Chair)

                              Kelly Roemer (Sponsorship Co-Chair)

                              Jolene Storment

                              Randi Koehn


2023/2024 Show Staff

Show Secretary   Jaci Schmauderer 530-405-8185   

Past Presidents


1966-67    Bob Robinson

1967-68    Marion Fox

1968-69    Don Jackson

1969-71    Jim Glines

1971-72    Doyle West

1972-74    Jim Pardini

1974-76    Floyd Boss

1976-77    Hyle Davis

1977-78    Gerald Becker

1978-79    Dave Pineda

1979-80    Roy Jenson

1980-81    Bob Tombs

1981-82    Harlan Bimat

1982-85    Jim Cradock

1985-86    Ben Silvers

1986-87    Lyn Anderson

1987-89    Donelle Long

1989-92    Dan Branco

1992-93    Dana Westbrook

1993-95    Donelle Long

1995-96    Corky Ogltree

1996-98    Brian Moody

1998-99    Casey White

1999-01    Darlin Gilbert

2001-02    Renee Miranda

2002-04    Larry Pestorich

2004-06    Hyle Davis

2006-09    Casey White

2009-10    Alice Sutton

2010-11    Bob Tombs

2011-14    Steve Koehn

2014-18    Matt Silva

2018-        Brian Gruenig


Kenny Beck

Award Winners 


1997     Hyle Davis

1998     Gloyd Cranke

1999     Hyle Davis

2000     Floyd Boss

2001     Carl Smith / Don Bartlett

2002     Don Bartlett

2003     Renee Miranda

2004     Larry Pestorich

2005     Hyle Davis

2006     Mike Blasingame

2007     Sandi Ryan

2008     Jim Sutton

2009     Jim Sutton

2010     Coleman Alberta

2011     Alice Sutton

2012     Nancy Stober

2014     Bonnie Smith

2015     Rebecca Genco

2016     Matt Silva

2017     Brian Gruenig

2018     Bobby Cotta

2019     Marybeth Brown

2020     Anthony Pexioto

2021     Brian Gruenig

2022     Marybeth Brown

2023     Ryan Denier


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